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We empower you to take charge of your growth journey.

We encourage the founders to thoroughly read and familiarise themselves with our programme’s goals and offerings before applying.

A good understanding of our programme will make the application and interview process smoother for the startups.

The selection process is a crucial step to understand the startups and identify the ones that are a good fit for our programme.

To achieve this, we employ two-step screening process.


1st Screening

We carefully review each startup's eligibility based on the application and supporting documents provided, where the founders outline the problem they are addressing, their solution, and the progress they have made so far towards the solution.

These details are compiled into a Startup Profile, which, along with the supporting documents, helps us evaluate alignment with our basic criteria.

  • The founders who have identified a specific problem they want to solve and developed a competitive solution that addresses their problem.

  • The founders who are fully committed to their startups and are able to engage with our 24-week programme without the distraction of other professional commitments.

  • The founders who want to strengthen their startup’s foundational growth through our programme, instead of seeking to secure immediate funding.


2nd Screening

We aim to understand the founders in depth to ensure they are a good fit for our programme. This phase goes beyond basic criteria to ensure that each founders’ approaches align with our programme’s values and structure.

Through this detailed assessment, we focus on confirming that the startups we onboard are not only qualified but also resonate with the ethos and objectives of our collaborative and growth-focused programme.

  • The Founder Interview provides an in-depth look at the founding team, learning about their motivation, commitment, vision for growth, leadership, and ability to build and execute business strategies. This assessment is crucial for understanding the founders’ personal qualities and the team dynamics, confirming their alignment with our programme’s values and readiness for the programme.

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