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Our Accelerator Process isn't about Securing Investment

Our focus is on preparing founders to build a business and grow a team effectively. Our process involves validating your business idea, improving your business processes, and equipping the founder, with the leadership skills to navigate both successes and challenges. We accomplish this through  three phases



Phase 1


The selection phase focuses on selecting motivated founders who have a clear understanding of the educational problem they aim to solve. We prioritize those who are committed to developing their business.


Phase 2


The diagnostic process focuses on identifying 3-4 key objectives for the startups work on during the accelerator program. These objectives are based on their business model, market potential, people strategies, and operational strategies, with the aim of advancing them towards their mission.


Phase 3


In the acceleration phase, startups are matched with dedicated coaches to ensure accountability and guidance in achieving their goals. Additionally, valuable resources like webinars, workshops, and networking opportunities are provided to empower founders and enhance their capabilities.

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