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Join Our
EdTech Accelerator
to Improve Society

Applications for Cohort 6 are now open

We are accelerating 170 startups in 2024

Do you have ideas for new learning tools or ways to enhance teaching?

The Mission

Championing EdTech Startups to Improve Society

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The Challenge

Nine out of ten startups fail

This can be attributed to several reasons: insufficient research to determine market demand for their product, resulting in a limited customer base; founders lacking expertise in areas such as product development, operations, finances, and team building; and challenges in time management, potentially leading to missed opportunities.

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Our Solution

Enable startups to achieve their mission to improve Education

We offer a 6-month Go-Together accelerator program designed to prepare founders and startups for success. This includes tailored coaching to equip founders for scaling, validate their problem and solution, and ensure customer willingness to pay for their product. We also help them become investor-ready.

Our Delivery

A 6-months EdTech Accelerator delivered in 3 phases:







The Selection focuses on selecting founders with a clear understanding of the educational problem they wish to address and are committed to investing time in their business.

The diagnosis aims to identify 3-4 main goals for the accelerator, focusing on the startup's business model, market viability, people strategy, and operational tactics.

During the acceleration phase, startups are assigned dedicated coaches for accountability and offered valuable resources such as webinars, workshops, and networking opportunities to help founders achieve their goals.

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Your Action

Join the Next Cohort

Together, we can transform education into a powerful catalyst for positive change. Join us at The EdTech Accelerator and become part of a movement that envisions a world where knowledge is accessible to all, and employability is a tangible reality. Apply now and contribute to shaping a brighter future.

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